C.J. Wilson's 5-year deal backloaded

DALLAS -- As expected, with the Angels getting some money off the books after the 2012 season, C.J. Wilson's 5-year, $77.5 million deal is backloaded to help the payroll. A look at the numbers:

2012: $10 million, plus a $2.5 million signing bonus

2013: $11 million

2014: $16 million

2015: $18 million

2016: $20 million

The final three years of the deal are the same as Jered Weaver's, meaning the Angels are going to be paying two of their pitchers a lot of money near the end of deals. Wilson will be 35 when he's making $20 million in 2016.

Also, Wilson has a full no-trade the first two years of the deal and then has 8 teams he can list as no-trades in each of the last three years.