Will Yu Darvish throw 7 pitches in 2012?

Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan was asked at Wednesday night's news conference about whether Yu Darvish would need to reduce his large pitch repertoire to be more effective in the big leagues.

"It depends on how he command the pitches that he might not use as much," Ryan said. "Are we going to limit him to the types of pitches and number? No. But I think as [pitching coach] Mike Maddux gets comfortable with him, he’ll make suggestions to Yu on what he thinks might help him as far as what he thinks might be effective.

But are we going to eliminate pitches? No. It will all depend on his success with them."

Ryan said he's eager to see Darvish pitch on the back fields in Surprise, Ariz., so that the Hall of Famer can get a better sense of how hitters react to Darvish and how all of his pitches move.

"I think he does have a feel for the breaking ball and that's really important and he does have a good fastball," said Ryan, who has watched Darvish on film. Over the years, his velocity has increased some and that's a plus."