Matt Harrison not worried about Oswalt talk

FRISCO, Texas -- Matt Harrison has followed the Rangers' offseason exploits and he's seen Roy Oswalt's name tossed about on talk radio and in various media reports as wanting to play for the Texas Rangers. Harrison isn't worried about any of that.

A report from our buddy Gordon Edes at ESPNBoston.com says that Oswalt is close to signing with the St. Louis Cardinals, so any talk about Oswalt possibly shoving Harrison (or someone) out of a rotation spot may be moot. It's not part of Harrison's thinking, anyway.

"My goal is to come in there and be the best I can be and make sure no matter what, I give it everything I have in spring training and it will be left in their hands if they want me in the rotation," Harrison said. "I feel like I was able to prove I can be a consistent starter last year and hopefully they believe in that and they saw that and they want me to stay in the rotation. It’s out of my hands whether or not they want to put me in the bullpen if they sign Roy or whatever happens from there."

General manager Jon Daniels said on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM on Friday that he was "intrigued" by the depth Oswalt could give the club, but added that it didn't appear to be a perfect fit, either.

"If that were to happen, you’d love to have extra depth," Daniels said. "The flip side we’ve got to consider is what if that doesn’t happen? How does it all fit together? We've spent a lot of time and resources developing this younger group where they are ready to maybe take that next step and do we owe it to them? Those are things we’re walking through right now."