Nolan Ryan sees hungry, improved team

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- At least 75 media members packed into a tent just outside the Rangers clubhouse to hear Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan talk mainly about Yu Darvish.

But the Hall of Famer was asked about his 2012 squad and if he thought there would be a World Series hangover. He doesn't believe so and said he was seeing great work ethic from the players this offseason. He said he saw a lot of positive indications from the players that they are looking ahead, not at the past.

"They are very determined again this spring as they are last spring," Ryan said. "I don’t hear them talking about the World Series. I think they've moved on and have put it behind them."

Ryan said he thinks the 2012 Rangers are better than the club that entered spring training this time last year. Part of that he says is because the club has added someone important in the offseason, whether that was Adrian Beltre last year or Darvish this year.

"But why do I think going into spring training 2012 that we’re a stronger club than we’ve ever been is because of our young pitchers and the number of innings they’ve logged and the success they’ve had and getting a feel for what their durability is," Ryan said. "That’s such an important role for a successful team. Then we have a nucleus of guys, position players, that play every day and they play hard and I feel like we have what I call established veterans on the ballclub that aren't at the end of their careers and are at the peak of their careers."