Nolan Ryan: Josh Hamilton talks preliminary

Texas Rangers CEO and Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan termed discussions with slugger Josh Hamilton as “very preliminary” and that there wasn’t anything imminent.

“We had conversations with Josh’s agent and they were in town and we did meet with them,” Ryan told ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM’s Galloway and Company on Monday afternoon. “There is no timeframe in which we’re dealing with. There hasn’t been a deadline given or anything of that nature.

“It’s getting a feel for what their expectations are, where they feel like this should go and then it falls back on us discussing what we think is in our best interest and realistic. It’s very preliminary. There aren’t strong negotiations where something’s going to get done in a short period of time.”

Ryan said it was important that the club “distance itself from the emotional side of the talks” and do what was best for the organization over the long haul.

“If you work from emotions you can make mistakes and do things that maybe weren’t in your best interest,” Ryan said. “We have to continue visiting with them and visiting among ourselves and try to come to a decision or see if there is a compromise somewhere and try to get something worked out. We certainly aren’t even in that neighborhood yet.”

Ryan said he was pleased with how the club is playing – the Rangers have started the season at 8-2 – and he said he feels “very positive” about the progress that Yu Darvish is making in his transition to the big leagues. Darvish has a win this season, but is yet to have a quality start (three or fewer runs in six or more innings).

“Did I anticipate him having some adjustments to make and having to feel his way along? Yeah, I did,” Ryan said. “We’re also hopeful he would be more efficient with his pitches, but that’s all part of it. I’m not disappointed in the least. I see things that makes me feel like he’s making adjustments.

“And for a 25 year old guy that’s coming over with the hoopla and things he has to deal with, I feel like he’s very capable of doing that and handling himself quite well. When I look at his two starts, I feel very positive about it.”