Josh Hamilton not bothered by the sun

DETROIT -- The Texas Rangers have no day games during this six-game homestand. Normally, that would be great news for Josh Hamilton.

But the slugger is no longer just a night owl. Hamilton isn't having any problems hitting during the day. The Minnesota Twins can tell you about it. So can the Detroit Tigers.

Hamilton, who had a first-inning home run Sunday in broad daylight, is hitting .500 (12-for-24) with four home runs and nine RBIs in the day.

"I'm putting those drops in my eyes and I've got some shades I like for the field," Hamilton said. "I got it figured out toward the end of last year."

Hamilton hit just .220 in the day in 2011 (75-for-249).

But it seems that nothing -- not sunshine, darkness, clouds or any location -- can stop Hamilton. He's batting .418, second in the AL. He leads the league in homers with seven and is second in RBIs with 17.

Hamilton doesn't particularly care if he's hitting against a left-handed or right-handed pitcher, either. His splits are actually better against lefties (12-for-25, .480) than righties (.381).

No matter how you look at it, Hamilton is putting up crazy numbers through the first 16 games as he heads to Texas with the Rangers for three games against the New York Yankees and then the Tampa Bay Rays.