Numbers: Josh Hamilton distance, location

BALTIMORE -- All four of Josh Hamilton's home runs and his double during his historic night came on pitches on the outer third of the plate or even a bit outside of that. ESPN Stats & Information analyzed the homers and here's what was found:

* Entering Tuesday, Hamilton had 18 hits on outside pitches with no homers and one double.

Josh Hamilton vs Outside Pitches - This Season

  • Before Tuesday: 18-for-51, 0 HR, 1 extra-base hit

  • Tuesday: 5-for-5, 4 HR, 5 extra-base hits

* BTW, Hamilton's four home runs had true distances (according to HR tracker) of 404 feet (1st), 387 feet (2nd), 406 feet (3rd), and 425 feet (4th). Prior to Tuesday's game, Hamilton's average home run distance this season was 426.6 feet.

* His 18 total bases is 1,620 feet run around the bases. His four homers totaled for 1,622 feet.

* Hamilton's 14 home runs so far in 2012 are more than half of his 2011 total.

* Hamilton's second homer of the game was his 12th of the season. It was the first of the season that was hit to the opposite field. He had 13 opposite-field homers over the previous three seasons.