Robbie Ross wears gray instead of blue

BALTIMORE -- Texas Rangers clubhouse manager Richard "Hoggy" Price got the fastest clubhouse attendant he could find -- 19-year-old Mike Apicella -- and put a blue jersey with Robbie Ross' name on it in his hands and told him to "stop for no one" as he sprinted to the bullpen.

The reason for the rush was that Ross had a rookie moment Thursday, warming up during the eighth inning with a gray jersey on. The only problem? The Rangers were wearing blue tops for Game 2 of the doubleheader. They wore gray for the first game.

"After the first game, I came in here and ate and left my sweatshirt on," Ross said from the clubhouse following the game. "I ran out to the field. So when they told me to get up and get ready, I was still wearing the gray jersey. I was like, 'Oh my gosh.' Actually, I looked up and (Scott) Feldman and (Mark) Lowe are looking at me. They told me to calm down and throw the ball and they'd get me a jersey."

Ross took some ribbing from teammates for the mistake, as you can imagine. But he stopped at one point during his warmups and put the blue jersey on. Turns out, he wasn't needed to go into the game.

"If I have to wear the wrong jersey for us to get a 'W,' that's fine with me," Ross said.

Ross said he isn't sure what to expect in terms of a Kangaroo Court fine, but something is bound to be coming on that front. Ross is already in charge of the pink backpack full of items the relievers may need during their time in the bullpen during games. He has to wear a cowboy outfit complete with stuffed pony to the bullpen before each game, too. Ross does a good job of taking it all in stride.

But he'll be sure and wear the correct jersey from now on.