Nolan Ryan: I think Josh Hamilton wants to stay

Rangers president Nolan Ryan is very impressed with how Josh Hamilton has started the season, but how does that mean the team will re-sign him?

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On whether he thinks Hamilton prefers to stay with the Rangers:

"Do I think he wants to stay here? Ya I do. I think he's very comfortable playing here at this ballpark, hitting in this ballpark and I think they're very comfortable with their lifestyle in the Metroplex and they bought a home here ... So I really do think they would like to stay."

On how he thinks Hamilton's contract negotiations will go:

"It's really hard to predict where it's going to go. Obviously Josh is in a really good positon right now. He's playing well, feeling well, he's seeing the ball ... I mean it's exciting to watch him night after night.

"So you know, you just have to kinda keep conversations going and see where things go and see what their thoughts are and hope that it works out."