Ron Washington adds to Josh Hamilton mystery

Rangers manager Ron Washington certainly added to the intrigue surrounding Josh Hamilton during his morning visit with ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM's "Ben and Skin Show".

Over the weekend, Hamilton hinted that there was more to the prolonged slump or what was bothering him: "The frustrating part is dealing with (the media) and not being able to share everything with you guys. When the time is right, you guys will be right in the loop."

On Wednesday, Washington said he was aware of the problem but that Hamilton is the only person who can address it, since he brought it up:

"The issues is something that I think Josh would definitely have to be the one to expose. It's certainly not physical. It has nothing to do with injuries. Josh is the one that made the statement and got all the inquiries going, and I think Josh is the one that has to put a rest to the inquiries, not Ron Washington. I can just tell you one thing: It is not because he's hurt."

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