Cell phone light bothers Angels hitters

ARLINGTON, Texas -- It was a light from the cell phone of a Texas Rangers fan in center field that bothered the Los Angeles Angels late in Wednesday's game. But it wasn't Albert Pujols that complained about it.

As Pujols came up, the Angels bench noticed the light coming from the seats just to the right of Greene's Hill. Third base coach Dino Abel told third base umpire Jim Reynolds. The fan was also waving a Texas flag. Security told him to stop, and when the light came on a second time he was escorted away from his seat.

Manager Mike Scioscia was surprised to learn that a cell phone could generate that kind of light.

"I'll tell you what, then I'm going to buy that phone because that thing was lighting up half of center field," Scioscia said. "When you're trying to pick up a ball through a light, it's difficult. It's like a (fly) ball in the lights."

Scoiscia said another fan was shining a light behind home plate and "through the contact zone" toward third base, making it difficult on Alberto Callaspo to see.