More stats on Jurickson Profar's homer

ESPN Stats & Information, with some help from Elias Sports Bureau, put together some facts and figures on Jurickson Profar's home run, which came in his first big league at-bat. Here's a look:

* Profar is second youngest to homer in his first career at-bat and third teenager to do so (Elias). He's also the first teenager (and youngest player) in AL history to homer in his first at-bat.

The youngest to homer in his first MLB at-bat:

1945: Whitey Lockman, 18 years, 345 days

2012: Jurickson Profar, 19 years, 195 days

1950: Ted Tappe, 19 years, 224 days

* Profar (19 yrs, 195 days) is the youngest player to hit a home run and a double in a game since Andruw Jones (19 yrs, 126 days) on Aug. 27, 1996, for the Braves. He's the youngest AL player to do so since Ken Griffey, Jr. (19 yrs, 181 days) on May 21, 1989, for the Mariners.

* He's the youngest player to hit a home run since Adrian Beltre (19 yrs, 171 days) on Sept. 25, 1998.

* He's the youngest Rangers player ever to hit a home run, breaking Ivan Rodriguez's mark on Aug. 30, 1991 (Rodriguez was 19 years, 276 days).

* Profar is the third player this year to homer in his first major league at-bat. Eddy Rodriguez of the Padres did so on August 2, a week after Starling Marté homered for the Pirates (July 26).

* He's the first Ranger to pull off the feat, but he’s the third player in franchise history (Brant Alyea, September 12, 1965; and John Kennedy, September 5, 1962, both as Washington Senators).

* The last Ranger to homer in his first MLB game was Ruben Mateo on June 12, 1999.