Park changes include new seats, larger dugouts

ARLINGTON -- For the third consecutive offseason, construction crews are busy working at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

As part of the club's $35 million renovations over the three-year period, a third row of Home Plate seats are being added and the dugouts are moving closer to the field. That will reduce foul ground by about three feet in front of both dugouts. Also, the Cuervo Club -- now the Capital One Club after the Rangers announced a partnership with Capital One Bank -- will be renovated and expanded.

The Rangers offered the media a chance to tour the construction area. The changes are scheduled to be completed before the end of March, according to Rob Matwick, executive VP of ballpark operations.

Here's a quick look at what is getting upgraded:

New home plate seats: There will be a total of 52 seats added as a third row behind home plate. The premium seats will be 22 inches wide, cushioned and have high backs. Those rows have extra leg room as well and each holder can receive complimentary buffet in the renovated Capital One Club before every game.

Wider dugouts: The dugouts are coming out toward the field by about three more feet. That's going to give players and coaches more room to move around in there, but will also decrease the foul territory. It will be 42 feet, six inches from the front of the inside camera bays to the foul lines. It also means a smaller foul area (by about three feet) in front of the dugouts.

New Capital One Club: The existing club, known as the Cuervo Club, will be renamed Capital One Club and is will be expanded and renovated. There will be a new cooking area, bars and dining room space in the center and the number of permanent seats goes up from 76 to 104. The climate-controlled space goes from 8,100 square feet to 9,100.

Altered main concourse concessions: The existing concessions behind home plate will be renovated to look more like the area in Vandergriff Plaza (in center field) and that includes a new opening for fans to see the field as they come in. To make that effect happen, about 200 seats were removed from section 126.

New retail store: The West Box office area will now house a larger retail story, about 2,120 square feet worth of space.

New concession locations: The Rangers are adding concession stands to the south end of the new retail store and along the outer wall of the Main Concourse on the third-base side of the park.