Ticket information: Prices going up in 2013

ARLINGTON, Texas – Prices are going up for individual tickets at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The percentages vary based on the different sections, but the bottom line is the base price for tickets in most spots are higher.

“When we look at increasing any ticket prices, we do it carefully and with a lot of consideration and internal discussion,” Rangers Chief Operating Officer Rick George said. “The last thing we want to do is increase ticket prices, but we are trying to build a long-term, sustainable model that allows us to put a great product on the field and have a great experience in here. That means we have to increase prices from time-to-time.”

Some ticket information released today:

*Individual tickets for the Texas Rangers’ regular season games in 2013 go on sale Saturday, March 2 at 9 a.m. at the First Base Box Office, at texasrangers.com or by phone at 972-RANGERS. A look at those base prices (the prices are listed as gate price/premier price):

Lower Infield: $78/$88

Outfield Plaza: $35/$40

Lexus Club Box: $72/$81

Lexus Club Terrace: $32/$36

Lower Box: $70/$79

Upper Box: $24/$27

Corner Box: $56/$63

Upper Reserved: $19/$22** ($6 for children 13 and under)

All You Can Eat Porch: $51/$58

Grandstand Reserved: $11/$13 ($3 for children 13 and under)

Lower Reserved: $35/$40

** Upper Reserved pricing will vary based on dynamic pricing for individual ticket sales.

Listed prices increase $1-$5 for adult tickets on day of game.

* Premier Games for 2013: April 5-7 (Angels); 19-20 (Mariners); May 3-5 (Boston); 17-18 (Tigers); 31 (Royals); June 1 (Royals); 14-15 (Blue Jays); 28-29 (Reds); July 4-7 (Mariners, Astros); 19-20 (Orioles); 22-25 (Yankees); August 16-17 (Mariners); 30-31 (Twins); September 13-14 (A’s); 26-29 (Angels).

NOTE: Home Plate Seats, Capital One Club, Premium Dugout, VIP Infield, Premium Infield locations, Lexus Club Infield, and Lower Infield are available only on a season ticket basis.

* The club is using “dynamic pricing,” for upper reserved adult seats, which allows them change ticket prices for certain games based on demand. They are working with Qcue, who will look at the starting pitching matchup, the weather, overall ticket demand, day of week and opponent, among other factors, to determine if the price fluctuates on tickets and how much. Fans can wait a certain game out and see if the price drops or buy early to be sure the price doesn’t go up.

* Cash parking is $15 for all games.