Super Bowl picks: Rangers favor 49ers

Every year, we ask as many Texas Rangers players, coaches and personnel to predict the Super Bowl. This year, most of them figure that the San Francisco 49ers will come out on top.

So here we go (players and coaches first, followed by front office folks):

Manager Ron Washington: Baltimore is my winner! I love the underdog!

Bullpen catcher Josh Frasier: San Francisco 31, Baltimore 23. Kaepernick MVP!

Pitcher Michael Kirkman: Baltimore 28, San Francisco 10. The Ravens' defense is unbelievable.

Pitching coach Mike Maddux: San Francisco 31, Baltimore 28. It's a "win-win" for the family.

Infielder Mike Olt: Baltimore 24, San Francisco 17. I can't go against Ray Lewis in this game.

Pitcher Colby Lewis: San Francisco 28, Baltimore 17. Gotta keep the undefeated record in the Super Bowl.

Closer Joe Nathan: San Francisco 27, Baltimore 17. I wish I had a good comment, but I really don't because the New York Giants aren't in it.

Pitcher Justin Grimm: Baltimore 28, San Francisco 21. Ray Lewis is a beast and will rally his team to win the game!

Pitcher Matt Harrison: Baltimore 38, San Francisco 35. So by Ray can go out on top.

Outfielder David Murphy: Baltimore 33, San Francisco 20.

Third base coach Gary Pettis: San Francisco 28, Baltimore 23. Both are good teams, but the 49ers get the edge because of Kaepernick's athleticism.

Nolan Ryan (CEO & President): Ravens by 3. They have the momentum.

Jon Daniels (GM): San Francisco 23, Baltimore 17. Giants win. I'm pulling for SF.

Rick George (COO): San Francisco 28, Baltimore 17. The 49ers for me. Strong ground game and a multipurpose QB will be hard to stop.

Kellie Fischer (CFO): San Francisco 28, Baltimore 24. I predict that Coach Harbaugh will win and that I will have heartburn by the second quarter.

John Blake (VP, communications): San Francisco 27, Baltimore 20. Kaepernick makes the difference in the game.

Bobby Crook (amateur scouting manager): Baltimore 17, San Francisco 16.

Josh Boyd (professional scouting director): NINERS!!!! (As he predicts wearing fresh new Kaepernick shirt.) I hate score predictions, but I got Kap running wild over, under and through Ray Lewis, pulling away in the fourth.

John Hart (baseball operations senior adviser): San Francisco 31, Baltimore 21

Chuck Morgan (VP, ballpark entertainment and productions): San Francisco 27, Baltimore 23

Tom Grieve (TV analyst): Baltimore 27, San Francisco 20. Joe Flacco to Torrey Smith wins it.

Adam Lewkowicz (advance scout): Baltimore 35, San Francisco 28. Baltimore and Flacco have the hot hand. Ray Lewis rides off into the sunset.

(Coach) Don Welke (senior special assistant to GM, scouting): Baltimore 24, San Francisco 20. Upset time.

Tim Purpura (senior director, player development): San Francisco 35, Baltimore 28. Balanced attack will prevail.

Karin Morris (VP community outreach): San Francisco 24, Baltimore 17. Still hurting over the Packers' early exit, but if a team from Wisconsin can't win, a team with a QB originally from there is OK.

Kip Fagg (amateur scouting director): Baltimore 27, San Francisco 21. Old Harbaugh gets the younger one.

Joey Prebynski (advance scout assistant): San Francisco 20, Baltimore 13. The 49ers have too many options on offense that will create matchup problems for the Ravens and being a Browns fan I could never pick Baltimore.

Matt Klotsche (baseball operations manager): San Francisco 27, Baltimore 20. I can't pick against Josh Boyd.

Greg Smith (special assistant, major league scout): San Francisco 38, Baltimore 28. Kaepernick too much for Lewis and company.

Jim Colburn (senior advisor, Pacific Rim operations): Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31: Experience and emotion win out over youth and talent.

Matt Hicks (radio broadcaster): San Francisco 24, Baltimore 20. No strong feeling about the game, but usually lean NFC.

Steve Busby (TV broadcaster): Baltimore 24, San Francisco 20. I'm pulling for the 49ers, but I think the Ravens will win by four. But what do I know?

Matt Vinnola (baseball operations director): San Francisco 27, Baltimore 17.

Brian SanFilippo (manager, media services): San Francisco 28, Baltimore 0.

Jay Miller (VP, Rangers enterprises, customer service, sales): Baltimore 24, San Francisco 17. So go the other way :)

Thad Levine (assistant GM): Baltimore 24, San Francisco 21. I'll take Baltimore in honor of Jonathan Ogden making the Hall of Fame.

Jamie Reed (head athletic trainer): San Francisco 28, Baltimore 17.

Jake Krug (director, minor league operations): San Francisco 24, Baltimore 20.

Rob Morse (manager, publications and media relations): San Francisco 27, Baltimore 22. San Francisco pulls off the double (World Series and Super Bowl), and the read option officially arrives in the NFL.