Let the Nolan Ryan rumors begin

Let the Nolan Ryan rumors begin.

The Houston Astros announced Monday morning that team president and CEO George Postolos has resigned.

If Ryan wants the job, he can probably have it because he’s an even bigger legend in Houston than he is in Arlington.

There’s just one question Ryan must ask himself. Does he want a chance to win a World Series or would he prefer to try to resurrect the second-worst franchise in baseball?

(Just so you know, Miami is by far baseball’s worst franchise.)

Ryan can have all the power and authority he wants in Houston, and owner Jim Crane would probably let him re-hire many of the people the organization has fired.

But it’s going to take several years for that team to resemble anything close to a winner.

The Rangers are winning right now and Ryan gets plenty of credit and no blame for anything, which is as good as it gets in the world of sports.

Yes, some of Ryan’s power has been usurped by president Jon Daniels, who’s in charge of the entire baseball operation, and Rick George, who oversees the business operation. But his presence remains all over the organization.

The Rangers are better with Ryan than without him, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the Hall of Fame pitcher remains hacked at losing a chunk of his power in the offseason.

The question is whether he’s still peeved enough to leave the American League power he helped build for a raggedy franchise in need of repair a few hours down I-45.

He'll think about it, but he won't go. Unfinished business remains in Arlington.