Emotions run hot between Darvish, A's

ARLINGTON, Texas -- There appeared to be a dust-up in the sixth inning when A's third baseman Josh Donaldson had a single off Yu Darvish. Darvish glared at Donaldson and then made a shushing gesture with his right index finger directed at the A's dugout.

That got A's center fielder Coco Crisp all fired up. He finally had to be pulled away from the dugout railing by teammate Daric Barton.

Donaldson, whom several Rangers have said can rub the opposing team the wrong way, said Darvish yelled "fastball" at him from the mound and then threw a curve ball. Donaldson singled on the pitch. Crisp considered that taunting, which is why he was upset. Donaldson took it all in stride.

“If he wants to do that, fine, it doesn’t bother me,” Donaldson told The San Francisco Chronicle. “I kind of like the head games.”

Darvish said he could hear noise coming from the A's dugout.

"It was part of the game where there was a lot of excitement between both of us," Darvish said. "I heard a lot of people saying something from the Oakland dugout. I said to myself it's just the heat of the moment with what's at stake. I looked at it as like they were trying to make me lose my concentration. But I just understand that. So I worked to maintain my focus and pitch my game."

Some of this may stem from a May incident between Donaldson and Darvish. Several Rangers players and coaches said Donaldson was upset in a game on May 21 that Darvish wasn't challenging him with fastballs. After a double, Donaldson stood on second base and disrespected the Rangers' ace by yelling an obscenity at him.

Shortstop Elvis Andrus was asked what he could make out of the whole thing.

"I have no clue," Andrus said." The A's were kind of mad that they could not hit today against Darvish. A little frustrating. I never found out why.

"The whole league knows that he's throws like 60 percent breaking balls. You can't get mad at somebody over making outs. The job is sitting on breaking balls and hitting them. There's nothing you can do."

The A's did get the last laugh, beating Darvish for the fourth time this season, two of them by 1-0 finals. Darvish won't see Oakland again unless the teams meet in the playoffs.