Extra bases: Nobody switching positions (yet)

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said Thursday that he has not had any conversations with players regarding possibly changing positions.

Daniels was asked about the logjam at middle infield with Elvis Andrus, Ian Kinsler and Jurickson Profar needing every day at-bats with only two spots available. One possibility would be to move Kinsler to first base or the outfield, something the club toyed with last year but ultimately decided not to do. Daniels did concede that the front office has discussed several options internally, including moving Kinsler.

"It’s something we have not discussed with the players yet," Daniels said. "It’s premature. We don’t know 100 percent what options may present themselves. I think obviously if we get to that point, we’ll talk to the players first. We’re not there yet."

Some other notes:

Budget talk: Daniels was asked, again, about his club's budget and how tight it is this offseason. Daniels has said the budget won't increase much from last season.

"We have the ability to make the club better," Daniels said. "I don’t know that we’re going to be the biggest spenders, but I don’t really want to be. I don’t think that’s the way to build it anyway."

Daniels has never given out a flat budget number. And why would he? Do you want to send a signal to agents that you've got a bunch of money to spend? Why give away anything like that before you enter into negotiations with agents or other teams?

The second part of the quote is something Daniels firmly believes and has preached for some time. The Rangers will spend money -- see Yu Darvish and Adrian Beltre -- but they want to be smart about it. Daniels knows, and the Rangers' have too many examples in their past, that one or two big-money deals that don't pan out can hurt you for years.

First base options: Daniels said a few teams have called about Mitch Moreland because "teams look at him as a bit of a buy low candidate." Daniels did say the club is "going to need more production out of that spot." Moreland hit .232 with 23 homers and 60 RBIs in 2013.

"He's got great work ethic, almost to a detriment. He almost works too hard instead of taking a deep breath and let it happen," Daniels said. "For a team that’s light in the power department, that’s something we’ve got to consider (noting Moreland's homers). He’s got that kind of ability."

Coaching search: The club is still working on the seventh coach for its staff and Daniels said he was hopeful they'd have it figured out in the next few days. Once they decide on that job, they'll know whether Bobby Jones will be an additional dugout coach or actually coach first base for the Rangers in 2014. Texas wants someone with catching expertise for that last spot on the staff.