Poll: Execs predict David Price to Texas?

ESPN.com's Jerry Crasnick has completed his annual poll of MLB executives on some of the hot topics this offseason. And one of those topics is where David Price could end up, assuming the Tampa Bay Rays make an attempt to trade him as most expect.

The results from Crasnick's question on the landing spot for Price -- 17 of the 21 respondents think Price will be traded: Texas Rangers 9; Los Angeles Dodgers 4; Washington Nationals 1; St. Louis Cardinals 1; Los Angeles Angels 1; Houston Astros 1.

From the story:

"Tampa sells high on guys," the official said, "and they can't have one player making a quarter of their payroll. It's more a matter of where than if. I would look at the Garza and Shields deals as a blueprint and add to the return, because those guys weren't left-handed and they didn't win the Cy Young."

Said an AL scout: "That's Tampa's M.O. to keep their operation sustainable and competitive with their budget. Those guys haven't drafted very well in the past 5-6 years, so these trades are the way they replenish their system."

The Rangers and Dodgers lead the pack of Price's potential suitors. Texas is coming off a disappointing season and has enough talent on the farm to assemble an attractive package. "They finally find the right deal to put Jurickson Profar in," predicted an AL scouting director.

It's not surprising that the Rangers would considered the favorites on this. It's rare to see a guy of Price's caliber come on the market and it would likely take a package fronted by Profar to get it done. Who knows? Maybe the GM meetings this week are a time when the Rays take the pulse of the league to see where teams sit on it. The Rangers have the farm system to get this done. It just depends on how big a package the Rays would need and if the Rangers are willing to pay that price.