Daycare helps break David Murphy news

The news that David Murphy was finalizing a two-year deal with the Cleveland Indians (one that was confirmed via sources familiar with the negotiations to ESPNDallas.com and others) wasn't exactly broken in a conventional way on Tuesday night. You can thank Jamie Kelly (@JamieSportsTalk) for getting the scoop, thanks to Murphy's daughter and her daycare.

One of Kelly's followers on twitter sent her a direct message that Murphy was signing with the Indians. Kelly then did some digging and discovered why one of her followers knew the information.

"He said that Murphy’s daughter at daycare was telling all the teachers that her daddy was going to be an Indian," Kelly said. "They asked Murphy when he picked her up and he confirmed it."

Sure enough, Murphy is closing in on a deal with the Indians.

Kelly, 35, is editorial chief at Paranoid Fan, a social app for sports fans and also writes for Mavs.com and blogs on the Rangers at Shutdown Inning.

"I like David Murphy and it means a lot getting the scoop," Kelly said. "Once I put it out there, it was confirmed."

You never know where information might come from, do you?