Hot Stove Talk: David Price

Note: This is part of our Hot Stove Talk series, which profiles issues, free agents and possible trades the Texas Rangers could make this offseason.

Today's player: David Price

Look for Price to be a hot name circulated at Disney World in early December when the baseball spotlight shines on the Winter Meetings. And just because the Rangers have made one blockbuster trade doesn't mean they can't make another.

But the fact that the Rangers dealt Ian Kinsler, freeing up second base for Jurickson Profar, probably makes them less inclined to move Profar. It would take a special player to make the deal. And Price is one of those players.

Of course, dealing Profar would mean finding an alternative at second base (could they put up the big bucks for Robinson Cano, for instance?). But that's getting ahead of things. The Rangers have the ability to make a very attractive package to the Tampa Bay Rays. This wouldn't just be about Profar, though if he's in the package, a guy like Rougned Odor probably wouldn't be. But the club has names that would interest anybody, such as power-hitting Joey Gallo and pitcher Luke Jackson, among others.

The Rays would likely want a major-league ready pitcher if they give up Price. Perhaps Alexi Ogando could factor into the equation. Would the Rangers have to part with one of their long-term top-four starters, like a Derek Holland or Martin Perez? I don't know. That might make a deal tougher. But it's not out of the question.

No deal, though, with this kind of talent would make sense unless the Rangers had a 48-hour window to negotiate an extension to get the trade to go through. Just food for thought.

Why he makes sense: Picture the 2012 Cy Young Award winner joining the 2013 Cy Young runner-up. The Rangers' rotation would get even better than it is now with Price and Yu Darvish at the top of it. It would set up the club for a formidable rotation in the postseason, too.

Why he doesn't make sense: The Rangers would be having to trade a big chunk of their top-end talent to make this deal work. Do you exhaust that much minor-league currency to make it happen? Also, they just acquired a long-term, high-priced contract in Fielder, and Price is going to cost big bucks.

Bottom line: Price is the kind of big-time arm that can alter this team not just this year, but future years. He's the type of player you give up Profar to get, as long as he's a Ranger long term. If Profar headlines the package, the Rangers wouldn't have to offer as many sweeteners, thus saving some of that talent. It's a big investment -- both in the pieces it takes to get him and the budget -- but Price is worth it. Texas has to explore the possibility.