Prince Fielder will wear No. 84 in Texas

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Prince Fielder will wear No. 84 in Texas. The slugger made the decision to go with the year he was born rather than stick with No. 28, which he wore with the Detroit Tigers and Milwaukee Brewers.

Reliever Joakim Soria is currently wearing 28 and Fielder could have asked Soria for the number (heck, athletes make those kinds of "deals" all the time), but decided he'd rather take a brand new number.

"I just wanted a new number," Fielder said. "It’s just fresh. I think it works. That’s as deep as I’m going."

The Rangers unveiled slightly different jerseys prior to Fielder's news conference. The coloring of the letters is different, so the club wanted to be sure that was in place to start selling Fielder jerseys. Fans can purchase the Fielder home replica white jerseys today. In addition, player T-shirts are on sale. Additional merchandise will be available later in the week.