GM: Not much has changed since last week

DALLAS -- Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels sounded some familiar refrains at the club's annual holiday luncheon Wednesday, saying that nothing has changed from where the team was at this time last week, nearly completing its work at the Winter Meetings in Orlando.

"There's nothing that we're down the line on where I have an expectation that it's going to happen," Daniels said when asked about more offseason moves and if there were big ones on the horizon. "We like our team. We're open to adding to it, obviously. We've talked about some everyday players, we've talked about some more complimentary players and we've talked about adding some depth to the pitching staff. But we're not close on anything and don't have any pending offers or anything like that."

Daniels stressed that if the right deal was there, the club would act on it. But he doesn't see any of those materializing now. Don't read that to mean this club is finished. It's a matter of what may or may not be available in the coming weeks and months. Texas has interest in Shin-Soo Choo and Nelson Cruz, but at this point the price hasn't dropped to where they're comfortable making any kind of move for either player. If that price changes, well, things could get more interesting.

Daniels, as has always been his policy, didn't comment on free agents directly. But since Cruz played for the Rangers last year, he did reveal that he's continuing to have discussions with Adam Katz, Cruz's agent, though there's nothing new to report on that front.

For now, Daniels and his front office team will continue to explore every available option to improve the club. But on Wednesday afternoon, it was quiet in Arlington. That's a departure from the previous two holiday luncheons. In 2012, Josh Hamilton's contract agreement with the Los Angeles Angels exploded on Twitter before Daniels was done with dessert and in 2011, the GM stealthy got out of the luncheon a bit early to be sure everything was in place for the Rangers' posting bid for Yu Darvish.