Skipper likes replay, still working on details

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington likes having the chance to challenge some of the umpiring calls in 2014. Now he just has to figure out how best to utilize it.

According to MLB, each team will now get one club employee who can look at replay and recommend to the manager when to challenge a call. Washington said the staff hasn't determined who that will be yet.

A manager gets one challenge in the first six innings. If they challenge and the call is overturned, they get another challenge. But they won't get more than two challenges and after the sixth inning, the challenges come from the umpiring crew if they desire.

"I think MLB is just trying to get things right and we want to get the plays right and this gives us an opportunity to do that," Washington said Tuesday. "I don’t think it’s going to slow things down. Either I’ll go out and argue just to argue or argue enough to have him go check it. The key is going to be my personnel on the field. My first base coach will have to be more active in paying attention to calls and my third base coach as well."

The Rangers will work out all those details in spring training so they are ready when the season starts. The system itself will get a dry run during certain spring training games.