Ian Kinsler praises Michael Young

Perhaps few Texas Rangers players established a longer and tighter bond with Michael Young than Ian Kinsler.

Kinsler, then 23, joined the big league club in 2006 as a full-time second baseman, forming a double-play tandem with Young. It wasn't long before Kinsler was also positioned beside Young in the Rangers' clubhouse.

As Kinsler gained experience, he also followed Young's lead in taking more of a leadership role with the team. The two talked constantly and became close, playing in the infield together for seven seasons. They also became stalwarts in the Rangers' lineup for years. Kinsler was traded earlier this offseason to the Detroit Tigers for Prince Fielder, ending an eight-year stint in Texas.

Kinsler praised his former teammate after learning that Young had retired on Thursday, texting: "Great teammate. Great man. Amazing father. I wish him the best!"