Chat: Jason Frasor happy to stay in Texas

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Jason Frasor signed early in the offseason with the Rangers, opting to stay for another season in Texas. He had played all but half a season of his career in Toronto before joining the Rangers in 2013. Now he's back for a second season. He talks about that and a few other things in today's camp chat.

Q: Why did you sign so quickly with this team? You didn't wait at all when the offseason began. What was it about here that you wanted to do it right away?

JF: Free agency isn't that great for middle relievers. I never wanted to be the kind of guy that bounced around from team to team as middle relievers often do with one-year deals. I found a place I really, really liked. There's 40,000 people and a winning team. I just really enjoyed it, and it was almost like I had a two-year deal because it happened so fast.

I think I was the first one to sign (this offseason). I just didn't feel it was worth it to try to scrape out maybe a little better contract from somewhere I really, truly didn't want to be. This was where I wanted to be. When they showed interest, let's just get it done and move on. They had some people they were trying to go after (Frasor glanced toward the lockers of Prince Fielder and Shin-Soo Choo), so they wanted to get it done quickly, and that was fine with me.

Q: As you look back at last year, what did you like about how you pitched and what do you want to do better this year?

JF: I think I got off to a bad start last year, but I finished strong. That's why I think I'm back. I finished strong. I didn't invent any pitches this offseason. I want to do what I did last year but get off to a better start.

Q: You said last year that it took some time to get comfortable with the mound last year. Do you think that had something to do with your tough start last year?

JF: I think a lot of that has to do with results, and results I've had pitching in Texas as a visitor. It wasn't good. It wasn't good. A lot of that has to do with Michael Young coming to the plate every single time I came into the game (Young was a career .313 hitter off Frasor). The more I pitched there, the more comfortable I got. It just seems like you have to crow-hop to get it to the plate in some places. But I was very confident toward the end and that confidence carries over to executing pitches.

Q: There are a lot of different faces in here, even for a guy who pitched here last year. What do you think of this team in general?

JF: Great names, tremendous names. Just look at the roster on a piece of paper, it's impressive. We need to get our pitchers healthy, though. We need Holland and Harry. We need those guys desperately. Going into spring training, it's the best team that I've played on.

Q: What about J.P. Arencibia, a guy you know from Toronto?

JF: Catchers that can pop you 20 homers are hard to find, but he's also a very underrated defender. I was in Toronto and he came up as a rookie and he puts down a sign and it was, 'He probably doesn't know what he's talking about yet.’ But the more you pitch to him, he does his homework. He knows what he's doing. It's going to be great with him and Geovany, who everybody loved last year. I think guys throwing to J.P. will realize pretty quickly that he knows what he's doing back there.