New menu items: Bacon stick, frozen beer

Feel like pigging out at the ballpark? Bacon on a stick is new on the Rangers' menu. Richard Durrett/ESPN

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Want to walk around a baseball game with a stick of bacon?

The Texas Rangers are giving fans at Globe Life Park in Arlington that opportunity for $7 with the team’s newest food item: bacon on a stick. The thick piece of bacon – three-quarters of an inch – is Hungarian-smoked and dipped in maple syrup.

“In past years when we’ve offered something with bacon, it was very successful,” said Shawn Mattox, general manager of Metroplex Sportservice. “Bacon is really popular right now. We wanted to figure out an easy way for people to walk around the park and eat it. The syrup gives it that salty-sweet flavor.”

So what’s the calorie count?

“At the ballpark, we don’t count calories,” Mattox said, chuckling. “We have healthy items, and many of these specialty items are designed to be shared. But we also believe the ballpark is a place to indulge.”

Fans have the option of washing down the bacon with a frozen beer, though the only machine is in a center-field concession stand. The frozen beer is at 20.5 degrees Fahrenheit and, on a hot day, should keep the beer colder for longer. It's $7.75.

The club is continuing its tradition of offering a very long sandwich and is doing so in honor of Shin-Soo Choo. The 24-inch sandwich, dubbed “The Choomongous,” is Asian beef with spicy slaw on top of a fresh bun, and costs $26.