Stick of bacon a hot seller for Rangers

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Bacon sells. Just ask the Texas Rangers.

The team offered its “Bacon on a stick” for the first time on Opening Day, and sold out all 600 units it ordered.

“It was extremely popular,” said Shawn Mattox, general manager of Metroplex Sportservice, the vendor at Rangers Ballpark. “We had to bring more in this morning [Tuesday].”

The club has also had to alter its orders for future games in anticipation of a higher-than-expected demand.

The bacon, which is three-quarters-of-an inch thick, sells for $7 and is Hungarian smoked and dipped in maple syrup. It was a new menu item the club unveiled for the 2014 season.

It is sold at three different stands around the stadium, including two in the lower level and one in the upper deck.

The club is also offering frozen beer and a 24-inch sandwich called “The Choomongous,” named after Shin-Soo Choo. It has Asian beef with a sweet and spicy relish on top.