Remembering Richard Durrett: Calvin Watkins

It’s after midnight as I write this and I just can’t put into words how I feel right now.

I’ve written countless stories on players, coaches, general managers, owners and games. Somehow I’ve come up with the words to describe what all these games and people mean.

I’m at a loss today.

Richard Durrett, my friend, my coworker, my brother, is gone.

He passed away on Tuesday, and I can’t believe it.

Richard was more than a sportswriter; he was a father, a husband, a friend.

The biggest thing I liked about Richard was his devotion to his family. I would get a call from him asking me to take over on the Rangers beat because he had a family function. He was a great dad and a great husband.

Those of us who are dads know this business can take you away from your kids sometimes. Richard made up for the time away from the family in remarkable ways that are just too personal for me to mention in this public forum.

Richard Durrett was just 38 years old when he passed away Tuesday. All of us who knew him are hurting today.

We’ve lost more than a co-worker, we’ve lost a dear friend.