KIA Tigers reject Rangers bid for pitcher

The Kia Tigers have decided not to accept the Texas Rangers bid for Korean left-handed starter Hyeon-jung Yang, according to a news release issued by the team.

Earlier this week, MK Sports along with former big league pitcher, CJ Nitkowski reported the Rangers won the bidding for Yang at $1.5 million.

Rangers officials said this week they didn't know if they won the bid and whether it would be accepted. The Rangers, it was assumed, had a higher bid than the Minnesota Twins, who also submitted a bid close to the $1.5 million.

The only thing Rangers officials knew was that a final decision would come this week.

In eight seasons for the Kia Tigers, Yang went 62-42 with a 4.33 ERA. He never has pitched more than 170 innings in a season. Team officials considered him more of a middle-of-the rotation-type starter, something the Rangers are looking for given they have Yu Darvish and Derek Holland at the top.