Baylor 'feverishly' tries to save Big 12

Baylor and Texas Tech officials have expressed a desire to remain with Texas and Texas A&M in the same conference, even if the Big 12 breaks apart.

"Baylor is working feverishly to keep the Big 12 together," Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw told The Associated Press on Thursday. "It is of special importance to keep the four Big 12 schools from Texas together."

Despite reports that said otherwise, the office of Texas Gov. Rick Perry denied that he asked officials from Baylor, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Texas to meet with him Thursday. Perry, running for re-election, will be in Dallas on Thursday night for the state Republican convention.

Texas Tech athletic director Gerald Myers told the Associated Press that he hadn't heard from the Pac-10.

"I haven't talked to the commissioner out there. We haven't done anything," Myers said.