Leonard Davis admits he had down year

SAN ANTONIO -- When Leonard Davis played in Arizona, he didn't reach any Pro Bowls and was considered a bust when the Cowboys signed him in 2007.

Davis has made the Pro Bowl all three seasons he's been with the Cowboys, including last year.

However, there is a perception Davis had a down year in 2009.

"No, a lot of people down in front of him," coach Wade Phillips said of Davis' perceived down year. "Leonard is strong, powerful player. He's in the Pro Bowl again and the players and coaches vote on that."

When asked about his perceived down year, Davis agreed.

"I thought it was alright," he said. "I didn’t think it was nothing special. I had some things going on; nothing surprised me. I know when I'm playing good and I know when I'm not and I would say to myself last year wasn’t that great when it comes to Xs and Os and going out and playing. I wouldn't say I'm the greatest that ever played the game or anything like that. I'd say no, it wasn't up to standards."