Jon Kitna is OK in Wade Phillips' book

SAN ANTONIO -- Wade Phillips made a few jokes at a reporter and was in a pretty good mood on Sunday afternoon. But he expressed concern about his team being tired, calling them weary but he was pleased with how they are working through it.

*The red zone offense was a little better in the afternoon practice, but struggled badly on Saturday.

"You keep doing it, at least that’s the way I do it," Phillips said in how to improve things. "If something is not going the way you want or you’re not doing it well enough you do more of it."

*Jon Kitna is the backup quarterback and while he's no Brad Johnson, the previous backup, he is throwing the ball OK at times. He does have good velocity when he passes, but sometimes you wonder if the ball is going to reach the target sometimes.

Wade Phillips said he's pleased with Kitna as his backup quarterback.

"I think he’s doing fine. He’s a little more comfortable with our offense. You forget about him not being in our offense," Phillips said. "It’s different than what he played before. He’s had ability as far as he still has a pretty live arm. I think that’s the key thing that we really like about him is that he has a real quick arm and a real live arm and a strong arm."

Phillips called Kitna, "a gem there and I think he could start for a lot of teams."

*The Cowboys don't play their first game until Saturday and there is still plenty of installation to do. On Monday, the team will work in the short yardage, two minute and goal line plays.

"Our basic stuff I think we’ve gone over, we have those things," he said. "We still have quite a few things to go over and put in and then play them in the game and see how they do with that and take the next step."