Tony Romo is 7-0 vs. Roy Williams

SAN ANTONIO -- One of the biggest issues in training camp is whether Roy Williams can develop a chemistry with Tony Romo.

In two seasons, the Romo-Williams hookups have been bad. Very bad. But this spring and now summer, the two have gotten together more often on the football field and it seems the two are developing a nice chemistry.

That back-shoulder fade route Romo is throwing more of this season seem to connect with Williams a lot more than last year.

"No question, nowhere near where it has been," Williams said of the chemistry. "We're communicating and talking to each other."

But there is something else the two players are doing together: playing video games.

The new college football game that was released has got the quarterback and wide receiver competing, and Romo is beating the mess out of Williams.

"He's 7-0 against me right now," Williams said of the EA Sports college football game. "I can't beat the guy who throws me the ball, so I let him win. He's pretty good. I hate it because he throws the checkdown and he knows where to go with the football. It kinda ticks me off I can't beat him because he throws me the ball."