The return of the Razorback formation

OXNARD, Calif. – The Razorback formation still has a few pages in the Cowboys’ playbook.

The Cowboys worked on their version of the Wildcat for the first time since last season, running three plays with Tashard Choice taking direct snaps during Sunday morning’s practice. The first snap was the most significant because Felix Jones got the ball.

The ex-Arkansas Razorback never touched the ball out of the Razorback last season. Choice got the carry every time. According to Elias Sports Bureau, Choice carried 16 times for 104 yards and a touchdown out of the formation.

Choice, who had a 66-yard run out of the Razorback last season, wouldn’t mind getting more snaps. But he knows there’s only one legitimate way to lobby.

“It depends on how well we do it,” Choice said. “You can’t get one or two yards and then expect to run it a lot. You’ve got to be effective.”

The original reason the Cowboys added the Razorback to their playbook was because they wanted to find ways to get Jones the ball in the open field. He made many big plays in college after Darren McFadden took direct snaps.

We got a glimpse of that potential when Jones motioned from the left slot, took a handoff from Choice, juked safety Barry Church as he turned the corner and took off upfield.