Position battle: Keep both backup NTs?

OXNARD, Calif. -- As he was discussing the Cowboys’ intentions to keep a close eye on the waiver wire after final cuts, Jerry Jones suddenly changed the subject.

“Let me mention another couple of players: [Junior] Siavii and Josh Brent,” Jones said. “I’m really comfortable with what we’ve done to get us depth and get us a backup, insurance policy with [Jay] Ratliff. I’m not saying that they make up for Ratliff not being in there, but I am saying that those two players are really having a good camp.”

The perception is that the Cowboys can keep either Siavii or Brent, but not both. Neither has worked at all at defensive end, so it doesn’t seem to make much sense to have two backups for an All-Pro who rarely takes a snap off.

But Jones claims that the Cowboys could keep the veteran Siavii and supplemental seventh-round pick Brent.

“I think it’s just what the cost is in terms of what you’re having to give up on other parts of your roster to get it done,” Jones said. “Junior is playing the best of what I can remember since he’s been drafted. I give a lot of credit to Paul [Pasqualoni] and Wade [Phillips]. Josh is certainly making a good account of himself. We’ve got numbers in our defensive line that could push some other parts of our roster.”

Jones’ point that Siavii and Brent have both performed well is accurate. But three nose tackles? Consider me skeptical.

Could Jones’ eagerness to discuss the subject be a sign that the Cowboys hope to get something in return for one of Ratliff’s reserves?