Cowboys haven't tried to test David Buehler

IRVING, Texas – Sometimes Wade Phillips says things that just don’t make any sense.

Take, for instance, his Monday musing about wanting kicker David Buehler to get a few field goal opportunities in the preseason finale after having none the previous two games.

“You'd like to see that,” Phillips said. “But we don't have any control until we get in the game and see how we do. But if we get an opportunity for a longer attempt, I'd like to have one of those. He hasn't really had one of those.

“It might not be the correct decision as far as the regular season is concerned. But he's got such a great leg. That might be a lift. Those sorts of things. But it might not come up.”

First of all, Buehler had a 49-yard attempt in the Hall of Fame Game. He missed by roughly the width of the Cowboys’ offensive line.

Buehler could have attempted a 53-yarder later that game, but Phillips opted to punt. His primary concern was protecting a nine-point lead by pinning the Bengals deep. Why would the Cowboys want to test a kicker with zero NFL experience on field goals?

I guess the Cowboys’ comeback attempt took priority as they trailed the Texans by 16 late in the fourth quarter Saturday. That’s the only explanation for going for it on fourth-and-6 instead of giving Buehler a chance to boot a 47-yard field goal.

The Cowboys also opted to kneel on the ball to end the game in San Diego. They could have run Buehler out there for a 44-yard attempt, practicing a game-ending situation in the process.

Buehler entered the preseason as one of the Cowboys’ biggest question marks. If the Cowboys don’t have a solid answer by Friday morning, point the finger at the coach who chose not to test the inexperienced kicker a couple of times.