Stars still shopping Ribeiro; ready to pick

LOS ANGELES -- The Stars continue to shop Mike Ribeiro, but there is nothing imminent at this point. Does that mean they won't trade him? No. But I get the sense the Stars aren't simply going to deal Ribeiro just to deal him.

They also don't have to trade him today. Only the first round is today. Any trade involving picks for Ribeiro would be second-day picks, so they could conceivably have discussions tonight and make a deal at some point tomorrow. But if I were betting on it, I'd bet that Ribeiro remains a Star for now. But we'll see.

The Stars have the No. 11 pick. And they have some defensemen on their board that they like. So it just depends on who goes in front of them.

Just saw general manager Joe Nieuwendyk, who said he's talked to some teams and will continue to do so. Most of the Stars front office is here. They have a table near the front of the draft room and you can tell they are genuinely excited to see how this draft unfolds.

I'll be blogging all night, so keep checking in here.