Stars could get defensive today

LOS ANGELES -- The second day of the NHL Draft is just hours away, and the Stars have just three more picks, starting with No. 41 overall (second round).

Expect some defenseman among the Stars' picks. Yes, they are still looking at the best available player. But, according to several scouts, there's plenty of parity on the second day. And if the Stars feel the same about a defenseman and a forward, they'll take the defenseman.

That doesn't mean they'll actually make a pick at No. 41. If they don't have one player in mind at that spot, they could move down and acquire some additional picks.

So don't be surprised if the Stars make out with a few defenseman today. Of course, they opted for Campbell, the goalie -- the best player available on their board -- over a defenseman on Friday. But as the talent equals out a little more on Day 2, I think they'll get some blue line help.

We'll be blogging throughout and let you know something about the players the Stars picked.