Treanor checks out his new home, pitchers

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- The newest Ranger, catcher Matt Treanor, got his stuff settled in his locker in the clubhouse and walked around the back fields, asking questions to various coaches and scouts about his new teammates on the mound.

Treanor said he's going over video and trying to build a mental notebook of what the Rangers' pitchers can do since he only has a few weeks to get up to speed should he make the roster.

"I want to see what I can do as far as learning the guys before I actually see them behind the plate," Treanor said. "Other than that, it's a pretty smooth transition. I didn't have to go too far."

The trade occurred while Treanor was taking batting practice right before the Rangers and Brewers squared off in a "B" game on Monday. He joked that he could have taken some at-bats for the Rangers, but didn't have a uniform. But he has one now and just wants to show what he can do in a short amount of time.

"I don't think anything's set in stone as far as the big league spot," Treanor said. "My job is to come in and be the player I am defensively, catch and throw, know the pitchers, help them out and make it easier for them on the mound. Things will happen. I'm not going to look into making the club because it's contingent on some other things going on. I just want to play hard and be a good, solid member of this organization."

Treanor, 34, was a backup catcher with the Marlins for five seasons before joining Detroit last season, had only 13 at-bats in 2009 after missing most of the year with an injury.

Treanor said he had a torn labrum and an impingement in his hip last season. He had surgery the previous October to repair a bi-lateral sports hernia (similiar to what Josh Hamilton had last year).

"The injuries kind of coincided with each other," Treanor said. "It was a lot more to the injury than I had initially start. I played all the way, not feeling well, and being the Opening Day catcher I had an opportunity to play quite a bit, so I battled through that. Now to be on the field feeling healthy is exciting for me. To not be sitting at home looking for a job is a plus for me."

Treanor has an out clause in his contract for March 30, meaning if he's not on the roster, he can ask for his release. The Rangers don't expect him to exercise it.

"I'm not here to rock the boat," Treanor said. "It's not my decision as far as who's going to make the club. I'm goign to play my game and let things happen the way it is. I'd hate to go somewhere else already especially when somebody trades for you, it means they have interest in you and they are really excited to have you over here. Learning a new staff in the spring this year and having to do it again is tough enough. I'd hate to have to do it a third time in less than six months."