Rangers expect Feldman to keep improving

ARLINGTON, Texas –- Nolan Ryan used the term "continued improvement" when discussing why the Rangers front office was comfortable making an eight-figure commitment to a pitcher entering his first full season as a major league starter.

The conventional line of thinking within the organization is that Scott Feldman is far from his peak after going 17-8 last season.

"He doesn’t know everything yet," manager Ron Washington said. "The more he pitchers out there in a starting situation, the more comfortable he will become and the more he will believe in his ability and his capability."

Added general manager Jon Daniels: "He's just coming into his prime."

Feldman's work ethic and the fact that he made the switch from sidearm to a traditional delivery only two years ago are reasons the Rangers believe he'll get better after his breakthrough season.

"Nothing really came that easy for me," Feldman said. "I had a lot of times where I was driving back and forth to Oklahoma City. I just stuck with it and tried to keep working hard and believed in myself, and here I am today.

"Hopefully, this isn’t something where I sort of stay here. I want to keep getting better."