What's it mean for the draft, trade deadline?

ARLINGTON -- One reason that it's critical for the club to get this sale process completed soon is the upcoming MLB draft and the trade deadline.

The timetable indicates that things probably won't be in place by the draft. So does that mean the Rangers won't be drafting any players who would require above-slot money? Probably. Though the deadline to sign drafted players is Aug. 16, so they could have some wiggle room should things get done around the All-Star break as Greenberg and Hicks hope. But that's likely not known by the draft, so don't expect any Matt Purke-type picks (players that will want above-slight money).

But what about the trade deadline? Tom Hicks and Greenberg both said they want to have the new ownership in place by then so that if this team needs some help at the deadline that requires more money, they can do so.

Right now, the club is still operating under the budget put together by the Rangers and approved by MLB in October,

"The team still has to operate with the exisiting budget," Greenberg said. "We have a budget that is larger."

So that's why it would help the club if the deal is done soon. It would give the Rangers some additional money to go out and sign a piece or two if needed at the deadline.