Brief Q&A with GM Jon Daniels

SEATTLE -- Rangers general manager Jon Daniels talked about a few topics by phone on Thursday, including the auction results and what it means for the club going forward.

Q: What were you thinking when it was finally over?

Daniels: Following it on Twitter, it was tough to get the context of everything going on. There was a moment or two of not really sure if it was over, but it was. I turned on the TV and saw the post decision stuff. These guys have put an unbelievable amount of time and effort and money into this thing. On top of it, I feel convinced it was the right decision. More than anything, I’m happy for those guys as individuals. I got a glimpse behind the curtain and I can tell you they put a lot into that. It was an emotional roller coaster for fans and our employees.

Q: What does it mean for you in terms of the offseason and going forward?

Daniels: Nolan and I have worked together now for about three years. I think our group works well together and I think everyone believes in what we’re doing. I look at it as, and I know Chuck’s vision is the same, it’s the same plan albeit with potentially greater resources and additional creative voices at the table. I don’t see any way it can’t be a positive for us. We’re going to continue to invest in the infrastructure and pour talent into the system. We want to take care of our people and keep the best scouts and coaches out there. But it should allow us to keep the core of this team. It’s a young, talented core and over time, with the economic system in baseball, they are going to get deserved raises and this gives us an ability to keep that core together and select the right people to bring in.

Q: What about this offseason? Does this help you re-sign Cliff Lee?

Daniels: We’re not going down that path yet and Cliff has other things to worry about and we don’t want it to be a distraction. But in bankruptcy, we had no chance. This improves that and I can’t really tell you how much until the season is behind us and we sit down and talk about it. I know Chuck and Nolan are very committed to putting a winner on the field and keeping our best players.

Q: There’s been talk about your contract and the opportunity to opt out. Do you want to stay here?

Daniels: I’ve been pretty clear on that point. I couldn’t imagine a better situation as far as quality of people that I have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis and a community that my family and I really like. I’m sure at some point I’ll get the opportunity to talk about it, but that’s the farthest thing from my mind.

Q: What do you want to see from your club down the stretch?

Daniels: Good health and consistency are going to be the biggest things. Health is clearly the No. 1. You could argue Boston is the most talented team in the league and they had so many crippling injuries that it’s impressive they’ve played as well as they have. We hope we don’t have too many issues. We’re dealing with Ian Kinsler on the DL and hopefully he’s back here in a couple of weeks. But we need to stay healthy. Consistency is No. 2. We need to keep playing at a high level. Every year there’s somebody that steps up for a contending club, a playoff club, and is big down the stretch. We have a lot of guys that have that opportunity. Who’s that going to be for us? That’s part of the fun of having a good club. We have that talent, so it will be interesting to see who make the most of their opportunity.