Cliff Lee denies Colin Cowherd's claims

ARLINGTON, Texas -- In the aftermath of a one-hitter that Cliff Lee watched with his teammates from the dugout, the Rangers ace was answering questions regarding comments by ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd. He called Cowherd's assertion that he "mailed it in" against Baltimore and that "he doesn't care about Texas" a lie.

"It’s a lie,” Lee said. “Write that. Are you writing? Write that it’s a lie. I did not say that and nobody close to me would say that. Either say who the source is or shut up because I am saying it is not true.”

Cowherd said on his show Monday that he he's been told Lee "will not re-sign with Texas" and that he wants to be on the Yankees or be with "an elite team." He added that Lee mailed it in against Baltimore over the weekend and that he's showcasing his talent when he pitches against an elite team, but that he "he doesn't care about Baltimore and he doesn't care about Texas."

"I think that's funny," Lee said. "If it's someone close to me, they're not afraid to put their name behind it, so it's obviously not a reliable source. I didn't tell anybody that and I definitely didn't tell him that. I don't even know who he is."

Lee joked that he was having triplets, in reference to teammate Ian Kinsler wondering if US Weekly was interviewing Lee.

If you ask me, this make no sense at all. No. 1, Lee isn't the type of guy to mail anything in. He's in a contract year and he's pitching for a team trying to make the postseason. That means there are no opportunities to mail anything in. Secondly, Lee has made it clear that he hasn't decided where he will pitch next season. He also said that the heat would not be the determining factor and that he is going to look at the total offers presented to him once the season is over.

BTW, here's the podcast of Cowherd's comments on ESPN Radio.