Pacquiao on Floyd: 'He's going to fight me!'

Manny Pacquiao has made it clear time and again that he wants to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the biggest fight boxing has to offer and one that would undoubtedly shatter every revenue record in existence.

Unable to get Mayweather to fight him, Pacquiao -- who has business to attend to when he defends his welterweight title against Chris Algieri on Saturday night (HBO PPV, 9 ET) in Macau, China -- has at least maintained his good sense of humor about a situation frustrating to him and all boxing fans.

About two weeks ago, during his training camp in the Philippines, Pacquiao shot a hilarious commercial for athletic apparel retailer Foot Locker as part of its third annual “Week of Greatness” advertising campaign.

In the spot, Pacquiao overhears two boxers in the gym working on the heavy bag talking about how Foot Locker is bringing back the “Week of Greatness.”

“The people wanted it, Foot Locker made it happen,” one of the boxers says to the other.

Pacquiao, working mitts in the ring, walks over to the ropes and shouts at the boxers, “Wait, wait! So the thing the people wanted is finally happening?”

One boxer answers, “Yeah,” and shrugs.

Pacquiao then breaks out into an epic celebration in the ring, shouting, “Yes!!! He’s going to fight me!” He shouts it over and over.

It’s a brilliant spot that doesn’t even mention Mayweather’s name, but the message and the joke are loud and clear. And make sure to look closely at Pacquiao’s shirt, a sly reference to Mayweather’s uncle and co-trainer Roger Mayweather's nickname.