Rebate offered for Mayweather-Pacquiao PPV

Tecate is offering a $50 mail-in rebate for the May 2 superfight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. AP Images/Jae C. Hong

The Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao pay-per-view on May 2 is the most expensive in history, with a suggested retail price of $89.95. Most providers will tack on an extra $10 fee to buy it in high definition, bringing the price tag to nearly $100 -- before tax.

Sports fans surely would love some relief on that hefty bill, which is where beer company Tecate, the title sponsor, comes in.

Tecate, which has sponsored Pacquiao fights -- as well as Top Rank bouts -- for years, won the sponsor rights to Mayweather-Pacquiao with a bid of $5.6 million, the most ever paid to sponsor a fight. It beat a $5.2 million bid from Corona, which has sponsored Mayweather's recent fights.

And as Tecate has done for many of the major fights it has sponsored, it is offering a rebate of up to $50 on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

According to Tecate brand director Gustavo Guerra, the company is offering 675,000 mail-in rebate forms so customers can get money back toward their pay-per-view bill with the purchase of Tecate -- and, of course, who has a pay-per-view party without serving beer anyway?

Customers can save $15 with the purchase of one Tecate or Tecate Light 18-pack, $30 with the purchase of two 18-packs, or $50 with the purchase of three.

"We know consumers react well to the mail-in rebates," Guerra said. "And now here's a fight where the pay-per-view is going to be $100. It is expensive, and this will be very attractive for consumers."

Mail-in rebate forms should already be available at point-of-purchase locations, although Tecate is available primarily in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas.

"It's a good promotion and the fans seem to appreciate it," Guerra said. "We have been sponsoring boxing since 2007 so we have been associating ourselves with boxing and been waiting for so many years for a fight like this. We know in the past we have had great fights but nothing is going to be compared to what is already called the fight of the century. We wanted to increase our brand awareness and we will achieve it with this fight.

"It is like the Super Bowl of boxing, a gigantic sporting event. It's good for us. It's about credibility. We cannot have the luxury of being out of this fight. This is very important for us."

Tecate is promoting its involvement in the fight through the #MyBoldOpinion digital campaign on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (which includes amusing videos in which Hall of Famers Sylvester Stallone, of "Rocky" fame, and broadcaster Larry Merchant discuss the fight).

Tecate is also offering various prize packages in which consumers can win a free pay-per-view, plus money toward pay-per-view party refreshments, a ticket to the fight or signed Pacquiao memorabilia.