Golden Boy shakeup continues

If there was ever a doubt that Oscar De La Hoya has taken full control of Golden Boy Promotions in the wake of the resignation of Richard Schaefer as CEO and the exit of chief operating offer and chief marketing officer Bruce Binkow last month, it was never more clear than on Monday.

De La Hoya fired three staffers: deputy COO Armando Gaytan, executive vice president Raul Jaimes and vice president of marketing Nicole Sparks, according to a source close to Golden Boy.

"There's no doubt that Oscar is focused and fully in charge," the source said. "From the moment Schaefer left, Oscar has been telling everyone that changes were coming and that anyone who had any goal other than making great fights for fans was about to get a wake-up call. The alarm rang [Monday]."

None of the departures can come as a total surprise.

Jaimes has been close friends with De La Hoya since childhood, but Schaefer's wife is Jaimes' aunt; he is the one who introduced Schaefer and De La Hoya. Gaytan is married to Nicole Becerra, Schaefer's longtime executive assistant, who left the company shortly after Schaefer. Sparks reported to Binkow, whose exit came as no surprise because he was Schaefer's right-hand man.

De La Hoya declined comment through a spokesman.