Gary Kubiak on struggling offense: 'you stay committed to what you believe in'

Broncos' offensive line is not ideal for Manning (1:33)

NFL Insiders analyst Bill Polian explains the problems with Denver's offense after the first two games of the season and how those problems can be resolved before Sunday. (1:33)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- For a team with a future Hall of Famer at quarterback and two wide receivers that had at least 100 catches each last season, some of the numbers the Denver Broncos offense has put up so far are startling.

Only three teams have surrendered more sacks in the first two weeks of the season than Denver has. The Broncos are ranked 29th in rushing and are last in yards per play overall (3.7) and yards per pass attempt (4.2).

But neither coach Gary Kubiak nor quarterback Peyton Manning is ready to wipe the playbook off the team's iPads.

"You stay committed to what you believe in," Kubiak said following Wednesday's practice. "We're going to get where we want to go offensively if we stay committed to something. We believe in what we're doing, been doing it a long time, we just got to get better at how we're doing it. As coaches that always starts with us. You don't run away from something, you keep working at it."

In the makeover of the coaching staff, the offense and the offensive line, the Broncos still hope to reach their stride along the way. They are 2-0, they manufactured a 17-play drive that ate up more than 10 minutes of clock to help clinch a win in the season opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Last week, they put together an 80-yard drive in the closing minutes against the Kansas City Chiefs to put themselves in position to win.

But in and around those efforts there has been little beauty for many to behold. They've had 19 rushing attempts go for no gain or negative yardage and their longest completion of the season has been 22 yards. The Broncos have missed on several pass plays that could have change the tone of the public discourse.

While most of the swirl outside of the team involves scrapping the new offense, both Manning and Kubiak say they want to work at the one that's already in place.

"I think there's always going to be an adjustment, every season is going to bring an adjustment," Manning said. "I think no matter what's occurred in the offseason you're going to have new players in new positions and you're always going to be trying new things, it's certainly going to be an adjustment, I think that's fair. You're trying to improve as you make the adjustments, you're trying to win games as you make the adjustments. As long as we continue to work and improve, that's what we said all along, that's what we said we were going to do and that's what we will do."

Over their next four games the Broncos will face defenses that are ranked No. 30 (Detroit Sunday night), No. 19 (Oct. 4 against Minnesota), No. 32 (Oct. 11 at Oakland) and No. 19 (Oct. 18 at Cleveland, tied with Minnesota) before they get to the bye. The Browns are also currently ranked last in run defense (160 yards allowed per game), with the Lions at No. 29, the Vikings at No. 25 and Oakland No. 20.

So, where things stand at the bye, when the team has a few extra days to tinker a bit if it wants to, may be more representative of what the Broncos believe they need to repair.

"Been a lot of struggles on the offensive side of the ball," Kubiak said. "I got to do a better job ... for them."