Von Miller says he'll be ready to answer the what-now question in 2016 season

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Everywhere Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller goes these days, even as he is whisked from one high-profile appearance to another, it seems everyone wants to tell him how great it is he was the MVP of the Broncos’ win in Super Bowl 50, and that they just knew he'd do it all the time.

That’s OK, because Miller says he knew, too, and that, frankly, he's going to make sure he's ready for more.

“I thought it would be great and it is great, just exactly like I thought it would be,’’ Miller said. “You never get tired of people saying congratulations, I’ll never get tired of the experience, never get tired of riding the wave.’’

But what now? Miller said this week that he knows he has to jump down from the proverbial parade float at some point and his plan is to get back to football business sooner rather than later.

Miller said even though the Broncos won the Super Bowl, he plans to stick to the offseason plan he has had in each of the previous two years, after a 35-point loss to the Seattle Seahawks to close out the 2013 season to go with the Divisional round loss to the Indianapolis Colts to close out the 2014 season. And that means Monday, Miller said he’s back at it “to keep myself right.’’

“I’ve got my workouts planned, this following Monday,’’ Miller said by phone this week. “I plan on proving a point, just taking two weeks off, exactly, and I’m going to get back at it. That’s what I’ve done the previous two years and what I’m going to do now.’’

Still, he knows folks probably will step back and watch him a bit this time around. He is, after all, a player who has battled maturity issues as he worked his way through his career at Texas A&M and through his first three seasons with the Broncos, a bumpy ride that included the six-game suspension to open the 2013 season and the torn ACL to close out that same season.

But with the arrival of DeMarcus Ware to the Broncos in 2014, as well as Miller’s family, Miller said he was able to reset himself, to “get past that stuff and see what’s important.’’ But with the potential of a long-term deal with the Broncos that is expected to make him among the highest-paid, if not the highest paid, defensive players in football, how Miller approaches the post-Super Bowl swirl will bear watching since more than one player has been swallowed by the gleeful celebration of a title.

Throughout Super Bowl week as well as the day after the game Broncos coach Gary Kubiak lauded Miller’s work ethic.

“As a football coach, there’s a lot of talented players out there, but when you find the guys that just really love to play -- he’s become a mentor to a lot of young players on our football team,’’ Kubiak said the day after the team’s 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers. “They look up to him. His future is so bright. But I’m just really proud of him as a man. I know he’s a great player, but I’m very proud of him as a man.’’

Miller said this week that his approach to what has followed the Super Bowl win would have been different three years ago, in how he went about it as well as his ability to enjoy and emerge from it.

“Definitely, it would have been whole other deal before, if I was a younger Von, maybe a less knowledgeable Von of what all this really is, probably I would get a little bit fatigued, frustrated, maybe not handle it like I need to handle it,’’ Miller said. “But the Von of today, I’m loving it. I know how hard me and my teammates worked to get to this point. It’s definitely been great. I’m loving every minute of it.’’

Miller did say while he has enjoyed all of the stops on the post-Super Bowl ride, he called his appearance on "Saturday Night Live" the highlight. That was especially true since Miller had wanted to meet actor/comedian Kenan Thompson, one of the show’s cast members.

“To meet Kenan, been a fan of his my whole entire life,’’ Miller said. “To be backstage, in the dressing room, chillin’ and kickin’, I was a fan, he was a fan, definitely a great moment.’’