The Kubiaks are turning the Broncos into a family affair

Gary Kubiak has his two sons on Broncos staff (1:13)

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak says it was important for his two sons to "go out and make their way'' in football before coming to work for the Broncos. Klein Kubiak works on the team's personnel staff and Klint Kubiak is a first-year offensive assistant. (1:13)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Scan the lists, including Angie’s or even the traditional Yellow Pages, and there are businesses in almost every field that have some kind of “and Sons" as part of the company name.

Fathers and sons working together is not a new idea. It’s just not all that common when it comes to pro football. But as the Denver Broncos prepare for this year’s draft, the coaching and personnel staffs grinding through the prospects, the team’s war room has three Kubiaks in it.

That's because coach Gary Kubiak’s youngest son, Klein, has worked in the Broncos’ personnel department since he started as an intern in 2014, the season before Kubiak returned as the team’s head coach. And Kubiak hired his oldest son, Klint, earlier this year as an offensive assistant on the team’s coaching staff, where he will work directly with quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp and offensive coordinator Rick Dennison.

Kubiak’s other son, Klay, is a coach at a Houston-area high school, so whether it was ever the intended result or not, football continues to be the vocation of choice for all three of Kubiak’s sons. And knowing what it's like to call football your job, particularly NFL football, Kubiak said adding Klint to the coaching staff this year was not a decision he took lightly, but both Klint and Gary said they felt they were ready.

“Absolutely, you think about it, there’s a stigma that gets put on you, but at the end of the day it was too good of an opportunity to work for Rick Dennison and Greg Knapp and just learn from them," Klint Kubiak said. “You get to work for Super Bowl-winning coaches so, you know, whether it’s your dad or not it’s just a great opportunity."

“I think any time as a coach there are some [reservations]," Gary Kubiak said. “I told my kid when he wanted to be a coach in this league to go out there and make your way. I think he worked really hard ... they both have worked really hard, paid their dues."

Klein Kubiak graduated from Rice in 2013, with a degree in sports management, having also played wide receiver for the Owls. Before coming to work with the Broncos’ scouting staff, he had internships at Rice and with the Houston Texans (as part of the team's salary-cap management operations), as well as an internship in another of Texans owner Bob McNair’s businesses.

Klein has said he aspires to be an NFL general manager at some point.

Klint, on the other hand, said he had “no intention" of making coaching a career when his playing career was over. He played at Colorado State and went to minicamp with the Washington Redskins immediately following his time at CSU.

“Really I didn’t want to do it, I had no intention of doing it," Klint Kubiak said of potentially coaching. “I loved playing and I always thought you play as long as you can and then get a normal job after that ... But I had a chance to get a master’s degree [at Texas A&M] and definitely wanted to try out coaching while I was there. After a year and a semester of doing it, I just wanted to keep going, it was too much fun."

After he opened his coaching career as a graduate assistant on Mike Sherman’s staff at Texas A&M, Klint Kubiak worked at A&M for two years, spent two seasons on the Minnesota Vikings’ staff and was Kansas’ wide receivers coach last season.

“He’s been a little bit of everywhere," Gary Kubiak said. “I’ve been impressed with the job that he’s done and how far he’s come. I know he’ll do a really good job for us."

When Brian Callahan left the Broncos to be quarterbacks coach for the Detroit Lions, Gary Kubiak broached the topic of Klint potentially joining the Broncos’ staff “right after the Super Bowl and it kind of took off from there," Klint Kubiak said.

“I never would have had the opportunity to do it if it wasn’t [for my experience]," Klint said. “I think I’ve worked for six different head coaches and six offensive coordinators in the last seven years."

Gary Kubiak has said, because of the nature of the jobs, he will see Klint far more than he'll see Klein around the Broncos’ complex. This time of year, however, as the Broncos continue to rank and evaluate the prospects for the April 28-30 draft, the personnel and coaching staffs have spent plenty of time together.

“I don’t get to see [Klein] very much; John [Elway] has got him on the road," Kubiak said. “... It’s pretty cool ... [Klint’s] been out there battling for the last seven years. I’m excited about the coach that he has the chance to be in this field ... It is nice to walk down the hall and say hello to him for a change."